You get CICADA AUDIO for motorcycle. Thats what you do.

We do the best audio for the best motorcycle, thats what we do. This is how we do it:

    • we partner with like-minded professionals who share a passion for engineering, manufacturing, installing and enjoying motorcycle audio. Our partner and distributor in the EU is CustomMotors® based in the Netherlands

    •  we dedicate the time needed (and man power) to develop the right products, with an eye on quality and performance

    • we consider the physics of what motorcycle audio product is designed and make it work

    • we tool and manufacture our own product using high quality parts and innovative designs

    • we possess the technical knowledge to help the dealer and the consumer get the most out of their Cicada-branded audio system

Forrest Hamberlin – Operations& Techsupport Director

Our President’s “right hand man” has been in the 12V industry since he was 17 yrs old. With decades of experience in audio, he knows what it takes to be successful in retail; as store owner for 12 years, and also as Tech Support and New Product Development at Rockford Fosgate, for 19 years. Looking for a new challenge, joined Cicada Audio in February, 2022. Forrest is the ultimate problem solver, and makes sure your orders are moving and is always ready to get your phone call.

Marty Deane – Director of Sales

Selling systems that meet the customers’ demands and the limited space available with multiple options requires a true professional. Marty, a retail shop owner for 25 years, gets it. With his expertise in the 12 volt world, he manages and oversees all sales operations.

Larry Vansickel  – Chief Executive Officer

During his 40-year career in the electronics industry, Larry has played key roles in the management and success of brands like Hafler Mobile, Rockford Fosgate, Lightning Audio, Diamond Audio, Cerwin Vega. Part of CICADA AUDIO since the very beginning, Larry carries the legacy of the company forward as a leading-edge brand.

Larry Frederick – President and Founder

Larry has done it all, and he’s done it right. His vision helped the start of some of the most iconic and influential 12 volt audio companies in the world. The original Audio Mobile, Proton car audio, the original Coustic and the original Phoenix Gold. Larry also designed all Diamond Audio and Cerwin Vega Mobile products from 2011-2019. In fact, Larry has designed thousands of mobile audio products, won five (5) CES Design & Engineering Awards and holds two (2) US design patents. He’s traveled to over 28 countries, training literally tens of thousands of retailers and 12 volt Installers.

Larry founded Cicada Audio in 2020, is now exclusively designing and building the best motorcycle audio in the category.

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